T.R. Hughes Ballpark

O'Fallon Missouri

River City Rascals
Within a few years, the Frontier League began moving nearly all of their ballclubs from their rural locations and vintage stadia into large cities with new ballparks built specifically for them. We would eventually see new teams in Florence Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, Washington Pennsylvania not far from Pittsburgh and the Lake Erie Crushers just outside of Cleveland. While the Frontier League's old model welcomed the beautiful vintage ballparks and made them come alive again... it simply wasn't financially feasable. In a world where most independent minor league systems come and go with tremendous instability... the Frontier League continues to thrive and will soon be looking at their 20 year anniversary. There is perhaps no more perfect example than this franchise which drew a total of 96,000 with the Zanesville Grays in their 4 years combined, but in their first game here at T.R. Hughes Ballpark... the Rascals were by fans who practially flooded the stadium during the opening game with 4,500 at the gate... 1,000 over the seating capacity of this ballpark (and 20% of their normal gate for the entire year at Zanesville).