According to Tim Perry of the Frontier League history site,, the best gate that any team ever drew in the Frontier League history previous to 1999, was 90,000. The River City Rascals blew that away in their first season finishing with 151,000 in attendance... Over 50,000 more than the Zanesville Greys had drawn in their 4 years combined. That number would continue to rise for several seasons before coming back to earth. Even in their worst season however... the Rascals have never drawn under 100,000, while again... no team before the Rascals had ever drawn above 90,000. Jack Clark was gone by 2000 with Neil Fiala taking over. The power numbers dwindled as only 3 players finished with double-digit homers compared to 6 the previous season, but there were some sensational hitters on the Rascals... including some record setters.