In the pre-war years, Springfield Missouri was famed for its Springfield Cardinals. A former member of the Western Association, the Cardinals were a St. Louis Class C franchise and were responsible for promoting 8 future MLB All-Stars including a 20 year old Stan Musial. Springfield was at one time the best team in the league, winning 6 W.A. Championships and often finding itself atop its division in both the standings and in attendance. The former ballpark "White City Park" was a beloved stadium and before the advent of TV, it was the place in town to
get your evening entertainment and meet up with your neighbors and enjoy a ballgame. The Springfield Cardinals thrived there until the ballpark was dismantled during WWII. When baseball began again, there was no place to play any longer. An attempt to quickly (and cheaply build) a new ballpark, proved ineffective. Fans were turned off and after 1 1/2 years of play, baseball was gone for the rest of the century.