Venetian Gardens (Pat Thomas Park)

Leesburg Florida

Leesburg Lightning
Former  Gondoliers / Anglers / Packers
Pirates / Braves
A's / Dodgers
It wasn’t until 1946 that baseball would resume here. When it did, it would include all of the teams from the initial roster and things were back the way they were before the war. The Leesburg Anglers took the field in 1946 continuing on as a co-op still waiting for their first affiliation. Very few of the players from 5 years back would return, except for manager Wilbur Good who was the best hitter on the team, batting .328 with 20 2Bs. The pitching seemed to be in the same configuration… one man doing all the work while the rest of the rotation (William Driggers put up 5-12, 5.56 and Charles Cudd put up 8-13, 5.88) would seem to negate any good that the one star pitcher could perform for them. That one good pitcher was Joseph Maseda who posted a 21-6, 3.22 record. A fine performance indeed but the defending champion Leesburg Anglers would finish a poor 63-71 behind him. Things were about to get a little bit exciting however… 1947 would bring the first ever Major League Affiliation to Leesburg… they would become the Single-A (Class D) home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.