The Anglers were hoping to make up for past transgressions in 1941. Louis Hausey (17-13) became the new ace of staff on an otherwise mediocre rotation. Clarence Groat (23 2B, 15 3B, 5 HR, .310) meanwhile would provide some extra-base power (213 TB) while Michael Conroy would take over the all time batting title, hitting a fantastic .362 with 18 2Bs and 8 3Bs. This wasn’t the best team that Leesburg ever put on the field (finishing at 63-66) but they got real hot down the stretch. Putting together a consistent force game after game, they managed to eek out a post season berth, finishing 4th in the league. That’s when the Anglers would shock everyone by winning the first round to advance to the finals, where they would pull off the biggest upset that the FSL had seen in years. They would win their first Championship ever. There was no Jake Bunch or 23 game winners or ERA’s pushing the lowest in history… just a few players on a hot streak at the right time. Victory had finally come to the Venetian Gardens. It would be the way that the Leesburg Anglers would have to be remembered, as it was the end of baseball across the board for quite awhile in Florida. WWII broke out and travel restrictions kept even the Major League teams from coming down to Florida to train… instead keeping MLB close to home playing in small local stadiums (for a very cold Spring Training). As the war raged on, the Florida State League seemed to suffer more than any other professional league from the time lapse. It would be 5 years before Minor League Baseball would return to the FSL.