New Grandstand Construction 1922 @
Plant Field /
Plant Stadium

Tampa Florida

Former Home of the Tampa Smokers

Former Spring Home
of the
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox
Washington Senators
Detroit Tigers
Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox

The FSL Champion Tampa Smokers took the field here at Plant Field hoping to hang on to their reign and they played good ball behind pitcher James Black (22-8) and 3B Bud Ammons (17 2Bs, .345). They would post a fine 64-50 record which was good enough for 2nd place, but not enough to hold on to the title. With the Senators now making this their yearly spring home, and the Tampa Smokers making this their full time summer home, Robert B. Plant realized how successful his hotel/athletic field had become and began to reconstruct the main grandstand turning Plant Field into Plant Stadium for the 1922 season. The new grandstand was nearly triple the size. The 1922 Washington Senators continued to flounder going 69-85 for the season but they added a new rookie named Goose Goslin to the lineup. Goslin would bat a very impressive .324 and was destined to become the fourth Hall of Famer on the Senators roster. For the Smokers, Hines Vaughn would bat .332 and Doc Nance would bat .300 with 16 2Bs and 16 3Bs but for the most part, the pitching and hitting remained mediocre throughout. The Smokers fell to 54-60 on the season. That would be rather good compared to what they did in 1923 as Cesar Alvarez put up a 9-19 record as the Minor League representatives of Tampa fell to a abysmal 40-72. The Senators continued to play under .500 as well but continued adding the missing pieces to the puzzle with newcomer and future All-Star Ossie Bluege (.245) taking over the 3B role. As 1924 came around, the Tampa Smokers continued to play terrible baseball. By August 8th they were 39-63 and had fallen apart. Almost mercilessly, the Florida State League ran into financial difficulties and spared the Tampa Smokers from finishing the season, disbanding on August 8th. Luckily, the other Plant Stadium representatives were on their way to their best season ever.