Jackie Robinson Ballpark
(aka City Island BallPark)

Daytona Florida

Home of the Daytona Cubs (Single-A)

Former Home of the Daytona Admirals, Islanders and Astros

Former Spring Training Home of the Expos, Dodgers, Cardinals, Orioles
I guess it sort of depends upon whether you are an islander or a tourist. The tourists would mostly rather sit in the modern grandstand because it remains uncovered and you can get a nice bake in the sun while watching the ballgame. A little tan while watching the show is never a bad thing. Those who live here however have probably had enough tanning and heat already and would rather sit inside the original grandstand which offers plenty of protection from the elements. While the sun-seekers may sneer at those looking to run from the UVs, it is probably those under the grandstand roof that have the last laugh when the mid-day thunderstorm's roll in.