The first team to call this home was not a good one. The 1934 Alexandria Aces were a 47-64 last place team, but that would change dramatically and by 1935, they became a 72-57 team making the playoffs for the first time and from that point on, it was a rare season that didn't see Alexandria in the playoffs.  The 1935 franchise featured 6 future Major League players, the best however was one that never made it out of the Minors… Cecil "Dynamite" Dunn (26 2B, 13 3B, league leading 18 HR, league leading 122 RBI, .359) would set the standard for all others to beat. By 1936, however the Aces had signed their first ever PDC with the Detroit Tigers and they were on fire, putting up the most wins of any team ever to play in the Evangeline League. The Aces went 96-42 (.696) on the season and the reason was the return of Dynamite Dunn. Dunn had put up some pretty terrific numbers in 1935 but he set the league on fire in 1936 by setting the all time records for the Evangeline League… records which would never be broken in the EvL's 21 year history