A new baseball boom had come during the early-mid 1990ísÖ retro ballparks which utilized the old red-brick / concrete look that HOKís Oriole Park @ Camden Yards had made popular. Within a year, every town wanted a Camden Yards clone, even if they had a relatively new ballpark. Canton was no exception. While Double-A Baseball would give up playing in not one, but two historical facilities for Thurman Munson Stadium in 1989... affiliated professional baseball would consider this ballpark so past itís prime by 1996 that it would never return here again. The Indians would instead move their Double-A operations into a typical retro downtown ballpark in itís sister town of Akron Ohio. Luckily as is usually the case with independent baseballÖ one manís discarded stadium is another manís treasure. But, weíll get to that later. First, lets see what happened here at Thurman Munson Stadium during itís Double-A prime.