Thurman Munson Stadium

Canton Ohio

Former -Canton-Akron Indians

-Canton Crocodiles

-Canton Coyotes
The brand new "state of the art" Thurman Munson Stadium was much like the other "state of the art" ballparks built in the 1980’s and early 1990‘s. The preferred construction material at this time was most certainly aluminum. Baseball stadiums were going up all over the United States and many were made strictly of this material alone. (Such as Woodbridge Virginia’s Pfitzner Stadium, Albany Georgia‘s Paul Eames Stadium, Beloit Wisconsin‘s Pohlman Park, Madison Wisconsin‘s Warner Park). All of these ballparks have something in common besides aluminum. Each one of these ballparks opened to tremendous applause and nearly all of them found themselves going from "state of the art" to "archaic" in just 5 years.