Photographs courtesy of Nicholas E. Petula "A History of Scranton Professional Baseball"
and the Lackawanna Historical Society

The 1939 Red Sox in their first season here were as exciting as could be. They made the playoffs and won the Eastern League (NYPenn) Championship with an 80-60 record. Now finally at their new full time home, fans were expecting the most out of them, and they certainly did get it. The team was led at the plate by two future Red Sox' Al Flair (28 2B, .312) and Al Lazor (28 2B, 8 3B, 3 HR, .306) and two power hitters... Tony Fiarito (30 2B, 7 HR, .289) and future Red Sox, Pirates and St. Louis Browns' Eddie Pellagrini (14 2B, 6 3B, 6 HR, .259). This team as you can see wasn't quite built around hitting. The new Scranton Stadium was a monsterous ballpark and you really had to hit the ball hard to land a home run. Because of that, pitching was the name of the game for this franchise and they had some great hurlers. Their rotation was led by future MLB All-Star Mickey Harris (10-5, 2.25), future Senators' Owen Scheetz (15-5, 2.90), future Boston's Alex Mustaikis (9-5, 2.68), future Boston's Woody Rich (6-4, 2.60) and Marvin Ulrich (10-6, 2.82). Together this team put together an almost identical record to the season before (79-60) with almost the same exact result. They fell just short of a Championship as their biggest rival, the Binghamton Triplets, swept away their chance for a repeat. Scranton fans were ecstatic as they broke all attendance records for the Eastern League. More than 300,000 came through the turnstyles for 1940.