Post 2000
Quigley Memorial Stadium

West Haven Connecticut

Former Home of the  -West Haven Yankees
-West Haven A's
& the
-West Haven
White Caps
Cox would be promoted in Triple-A Syracuse in 1973 and would be replaced by another prominent future ManagerÖ Doc Edwards. The Ď73 team didnít feature quite so many future impact players and finished with a respectable 72-66 record in 4th place. The hitting star was Clement Sanders who hit 12 2B, 20 HR and batted. .258. Alfred Crawford hit .312 with 22 2B, 4 3B and 9 HR and Mike Krizmanich batted .301 . The most impressive bat actually came from a future Angels pitcher by the name of Joe Pactwa, who slammed 13 HR and batted .378 in only 143 At Bats. His bat was so hot, there was thought about making him a full time hitter but his 12-6, 3.18 performance as the teamís #1 starter kept that from happening. While future Yankees Dave Pagan also contributed with a terrific 6-2, 1.86 ERA, it was the 3rd lefty in the rotation that would have the biggest upside. Scott McGregor (12-13, 3.29) would become the first West Haven alumni to become a Major League All-Star and 20 game winner.