Quigley Stadium - Post 2000 Era

Quigley Field had been home to professional Double-A Baseball for 11 years, from 1972 until 1982. The ballpark was dismantled after the Eastern League left in 1983. While part of the 3rd baseline still stands (and even then, not truly part of the original facility), the ballpark that stands today does not give you any recollection of how large or elaborate this stadium once was. In this collection of photographs, we will show the ballpark from when it was used by such teams as the New York Yankees and the Oakland As for Double-A Baseball (the first 3 photos we just showed you for example) and how it looks in comparison to what is still standing today as you see here. Were sorry for the quality of some of these earlier photographs as they are a little out of focus but there are very few photographs of Quigley Stadium on this planet and were quite happy to have them in any shape, showing us how the old wooden grandstand once looked.