It was 1937 and Canada was suffering through the Great Depression just the same as the United States was. After throwing out the first pitch to start the new season at Quebec's fairly mediocre ballparks of Trois Rivieres and at the Hippodrome in Quebec City (which was actually a horse racing track with the baseball infield located in the middle of the "oval track"), Prime Minister Maurice Duplessis decided to take a page from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR had created the Works Progress Administration that was keeping food on the table for Americans by providing jobs in construction... namely by building baseball stadiums. Looking at the sad excuses for baseball that Quebec had to offer, Prime Minister and avid baseball fan Duplessis announced that he would do the same and build two twin baseball stadiums... one in Trois Rivieres (Stade Municipal de Trois Rivieres) and a duplicate of that same ballpark here in Quebec City.