The all new Utica Braves took the field in 1939 and were truly awful… a last place team finishing at 45-78 (.366). This however didn't seem to matter much to the fans who were thrilled to be at a ballpark which had… lights! This was an exciting thing in 1939 and because of this, the Utica Braves drew over 105,000 fans in their opening season. Ambrose McConnell was onto something moving his Auburn franchise to Utica. (The 2nd best grossing team didn't even draw half as many fans that season). John Cahill was the team's best pitcher at 10-7, 2.27. Frank Rochevot (7-15, 5.25) was the worst, (though Emil Hemenway's 3-7, 6.11 gave him a run for his money). As for the best hitter in this opening season, well there really wasn't one.