The Yankees brought a lot of talent to Johnson Field including themselves. The Yankees would make an annual pilgramage to Johnson City to play their farm team from Binghamton and brought with them DiMaggio, Gehrig, Mantle and even Babe Ruth!  As for the Triplets, the impact was immediate. The team wouldn't do well in their first season but they would feature their 2nd ever future Major League MVP as Spud Chandler (8-1, 2.76) came to town on his way to illustrious 4 time All-Star career as a starter for the New York Yankees. Spud's best season came in 1943 when he would go 20-4 with a 1.64 ERA... both of which led the league earning him the Most Valuable Player award for 1943. After he returned from the war in 1946 he would have a second 20 win season for the Yankees. 15 year MLB veteran of the Giants and Reds Harry Gumbert (3-3, 3.83) also joined him on the mound with future Dodgers pitcher Vito Tamulis (10-3, 1.92). At the plate, the Indians, White Sox and Browns future RBI machine Moose Solters came to town for 145 At Bats and made the absolute most of them batting .393 with 16 2Bs and 10 HRs. He was joined by 6 time St. Louis Browns' All-Star 1B George McQuinn (.319) and Ted Norbert (.353). Somehow, this team managed to finish 2 games under .500 (69-71) in 5th place. It was probably just getting acclimated to the new situation. That would all clear up in 1933 when Bill Meyer took over as manager and led the team to 1st place with a 79-55 record. George McQuinn returned for one last season before beginning his All-Star studded Major League career by hitting .357 with a whopping 48 doubles, 12 triples and 7 homers. Solomon Mishkin added 41 doubles and 20 triples of his own with a .335 batting average. Jimmy Densmore meanwhile went 20-12 with a 3.61 ERA while Spud Chandler returned to go 10-8, 4.23. Binghamton's 1st place finish garnered the Triplets with their 4th Championship title for Johnson FIeld. It was one of many more to come.
Lou Gehrig @ Johnson Field
Courtesy of
"Our Home Public Library",
Johnson City NY