Photograph courtesy of the Broome County Historical Society
They were looking to build on their fine season and the Triplets did just that... maintaining their record, going 83-56 while keeping the rest of the league at bay. The Triplets would finally take 1st place in the Eastern League and capture their 3rd Championship title for Johnson Field.  In 1930, a hitter by the name of McHenry made a huge impact for the team as he batted .366 and tied Howie Jones for homers with 15 while hitting 38 doubles and 15 triples. Former St. Louis Browns' John Shovlin also had a fine season hitting 24 2Bs and 12 HRs while batting .328. Despite the strong performances, the Triplets fell below .500 again before rebounding with a 76-64 record for 4th place in 1931 behind the hitting of Heinie Groh (.338)... the 16 year Major League veteran of the Giants and Cincinanti Reds, the Yankees and Senators future 10 yr MLB vet Jake Powell (.319), future Pirates' Bill Steinecke (41 2Bs, 7 HRs, .361) and pitchers Bert Grimm (20-11, 2.70) and future Boston Braves pitcher Bob Brown (17-12, 3.30). In 1932 something very special was about to come to the Eastern League. A new concept ... one in which different Major League Baseball teams would hold an affiliation... a sort of ownership of the talent, with the Minor League's servicing specific MLB teams. 5 Major League teams decended upon the Eastern League in 1932. The Red Sox took over the Hazleton team. The Cardinals took over Elmira. Harrisburg was gobbled up by the Boston Braves and Binghamton... well they signed on for a tremendous 30 year Player Development Contract with... the New York Yankees.