Photographs courtesy of Harrisburg Senators
The team sunk even further in the standings, finishing 4th. That doesn’t mean it was a boring season… far from it. There were some amazing fireworks thanks to a returning Ray Flood who broke his own record by slamming 19 HRs with a .307 record. Horace McBride meanwhile returned again to have an absolutely fantastic season batting .378 with 40 2Bs, 21 3Bs and 11 HRs setting new records for doubles and batting average at Island Park. (Joe Munson hit .400 and walloped 33 HRs for the Senators in 1925, but that was at the West End Grounds and not here at Island Park). George Thomas also contributed with 15 HRs and a .302. Horace McBride would return for his 5th season in Harrisburg and again lead the brigade with 37 2B, 13 3B, 10 HR and a .347. Future Boston Red Sox All-Star (the first one to come from Harrisburg) Lou Finney would match McBride, batting .347 as well with 29 doubles. Some other interesting characters showed up as well to help out including pitcher Sugar Cain (9-5) and hitter Snake Henry (.339). Together, this motley crew would lead the Senators to a 1st place finish, capturing their 3rd Eastern League Championship and their 6th overall for Island Park.
All of this success was beginning to capture the attention of the Major Leagues and the Boston Braves nominated the Harrisburg Senators as their first affiliated ballclub for the 1932 season. Under the Braves umbrella, the Harrisburg Senators played good ball all season long, with Babe Fischer leading the charge batting .360 with 23 2B and 7 HRs. Former Brave Henry Peploski batted .335 while Pat Wright batted .320 with 22 2B. The team would produce its next two All-Stars as well as future 14 year MLB veteran Brave Gene Moore batted .322 and future 14 year MLB veteran of the Reds and Braves Ray Mueller batted .219. It was good enough for 2nd place with a 74-66 record. Another big change came to the ballpark in 1932. The ECL Negro League Harrisburg Giants took the field here at Island Park. They had played many of their games at the West End Grounds but now seemed to be spending more time on City Island. As for the Senators, their reign at the top of the food chain was about to take a major dive. Still under the Boston Braves umbrella, Harrisburg fell from 2nd place to 7th… finishing 16 games under .500… the first time they had been under .500 since 1926.