Old Penn Park - Predated Bob Hoffman Stadium

Photograph by
Mel Miller

Bob Hoffman Stadium

York Pennsylvania

Former home of the York White Roses
York Pirates
While that may sound like a good thing, it wasn't. If York was leading the league with 78k then the rest of the league was suffering from lack of fan support. Places like Wilmington (24k), Harrisburg (30k) and Sunbury (31k) were unable to compete any longer. The league suspended operations for good in 1952 and York was suddenly without a league to play in. York, Hagerstown, Lancaster and eventually Sunbury would have to go far to find a league that had an open roster spot for them... all the way down to Virginia's based Piedmont League which meant a lot of travel time between Pennsylvania and places such as Norfolk, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Richmond and Newport News. Still they were glad to be playing at all. The St. Louis Browns would stay with York throughout their move to the Piedmont League. They would send a new hitter by the name of William Tasby who would finally take over the HR that Ted Beard (14) had set when the stadium first opened in 1947 as he knocked in 17 2B and 17 HR while batting .258. Tasby would go on to play for the Baltimore Orioles franchise. Future Orioles' Joe Durham would add some protection as he knocked in 14 HR of his own along with a .308 batting average. On the mound, John Jancse would put up a 16-12, 3.46 record to tie the all time wins record with Nellie King and Bill Stratton. Despite what seemed to be a wealth of talent, the White Roses came up very short (thanks to the rest of the rotation), finishing in 5th place with a 59-70 record. During the off-season the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore Maryland's Municipal Stadium and officially became the Baltimore Orioles. Despite the move, the franchise retained their holdings on York and the White Roses became part of the new Baltimore Orioles farm system.