Photo by Pfeiffer Art

Bob Hoffman Stadium

York Pennsylvania

Former home of the York White Roses
York Pirates
The White Roses were by now, well established in the Interstate League. They had joined the system during the war years (the Interstate League is one of the few that continued to play through the war. Most of the Minor League System suspended operations for 3 years). The White Roses were a Pittsburgh Pirates franchise while their rival Lancaster Red Roses belonged to the Philadelphia A's. The franchise was hoping to make a splash in their new ballpark but would come up short, finishing 3 games under .500. The star on the team was a future Pirates outfielder named Ted Beard. Beard would put up 27 2B, 12 3B and 14 HR while batting .326 to set the bar in triples, homers and batting average for the new ballpark. Richard Shoff (40 2B, 5 HR, .322) meanwhile would set the doubles bar. Raymond Feraco (27 2B, 7 3B, 5 HR, .316) would also have a fine season. On the mound, Roland Cook was the ace of staff putting up a 12-4 record behind a 3.02 ERA. Charles Rushe meanwhile would go 8-7 with a 2.58 ERA take hold of the ERA title at the new ballpark. Despite the team's shortcomings, the White Roses pulled in 108,000 at the gate for 2nd in the league, as the curiosity surrounding the new ballpark was enough to keep the stands full all summer. By 1948, the White Roses' Joe Muir would take over that ERA title as he put up a 12-6, 2.54 record and James Mims would be solid as the franchise's new ace going 15-7 with a 2.89. The rotation was solid enough to lift the White Roses to a 77-62 record, in 3rd place and into the playoffs. The run for the post season kept this town excited about baseball and the White Roses would draw 126,000 to the ballpark leading the league in attendance.