Normally Minor League Baseball teams (and sports teams in general) utilize monikers which have a little "testosterone" to them. The Storm, the Raptors… even the Revolution. Previous York teams however have played as the "White Roses". Now this may sound a little… how would you say... feminine for baseball perhaps? Rival Lancaster meanwhile went under the guise of the Red Roses. These two teams however were not giving each other flowers on the baseball diamond. In fact, the name is far more sinister than it appears. The White Roses and the Red Roses were the two family factions of a Royal House in England (located in England's towns of York and Lancaster respectively) who fought bloody civil wars to determine which house would provide the successor to the throne. The battle between the White Roses and the Red Roses was a bitter one indeed. York and Lancaster lost many lives in its heated civil wars. The rivalry between the two baseball teams didn't quite reach that point of vengeance but the games between York and Lancaster were pretty intense. In all, York would host over 50 years of professional baseball until 1969. This town has a pretty rich baseball history and Bob Hoffman Stadium would produce some incredible talent. Finding photographs of York's Bob Hoffman Stadium or any of the other York ballparks is nearly impossible. (The York Revolution can't even find any copies), so we will show you everything we do have on the old ballparks and what it looks like today. We do ask that if you have any photographs of the ballpark as it looked while it was still standing, please let us know. We now take you back to 1947.