Bob Hoffman Stadium was once a "grander" ballpark than this. It has since been turned into this aluminum softball stadium and little remains of how "grand" this place once was. York has had several different ballparks each with a variety of names… some transcending over to the next, that it is hard to keep an accurate idea of what teams played where on any given year. We believe that it all started with Penn Park which took on various forms (which we will show you a few photos of). According to Gord Brown, the team then switched to Eagles Park in 1924, where they remained until 1936 (mind you Eagles Park and Penn Park could possibly be the same ballpark… I.e. Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field). Parry Park came into the picture for one season (1940) and then West York Park from 1943-1946 (same scenario perhaps?). Finally in 1947 the York White Roses moved to Bob Hoffman Memorial Stadium where they remained for the rest of their existence before finally leaving for good in 1969 (changing their name in the process to the York Pirates). Today professional baseball is played in a brand new ballpark… Sovereign Bank Stadium, in downtown York. This team however is completely unrelated to the Double-A teams of yesteryear. In fact, the new York Revolution are part of an independent farm system known as the Atlantic League. Bob Hoffman Stadium was under consideration as was Small Athletic Field for the location of the new ballpark, but both brought a lot of "issues" to the table (more on that in the Sovereign Bank Stadium gallery). 10 years later, downtown Arch Street would chosen to host pro ball into the next century.