All photographs in this series appear courtesy of Chris Hunter of the Schenectady Museum and Science Center from the G.E. Collection of Photographs (special thanks to Stephen LJ Russo)

Before we delve into the amazing history of this once historic ballpark, we will first tell you what you're about to look at. General Electric was responsible for installing lighting stantions all over the globe as well as street lighting and neon signs and department store emblems and the like. When they completed a job, G.E. took a full coverage of photographs showing their work. Luckily for us, G.E. was responsible for installing lighting in many of North America's Ballparks and thanks to Chris Hunter of the Schenectady Museum and Science Center... all of these ballpark installation photographs have been donated to, and will become a permanent part of our stadium galleries. We cannot thank Chris Hunter and Steven L.J. Russo (director of the Schenectady Science Cener Planetarium) enough, because as you will see... some of these photographs are simply priceless.

For those who are further interested, there are tens of thousands of photographs of 1930's-1950's America in the G.E. Photographic Collection not related to ballparks... displaying the most interesting of pre and post WWII "Americana". We encourage anyone to visit the archives and the incredible exhibits (the first T.V.'s, the first washing machines, the first refrigerators, the first air conditioners...) as well as state of the art planetarium displays at this tremendously under-rated museum and science center. You'll want to make a day of it