Photograph courtesy of Terry Byrom / Harrisburg Senators

The star of the new Expos based franchise was a future slugger who would post 20 fantastic years in the Major Leagues and surprisingly never get a single All-Star nod, despite hitting as many as 38 HR in a single season. His name was Matt Stairs and he would hit 30 2B, 10 3B, 13 HR and 78 RBI while batting .333 and swiping 23 bases in the process. The 30 2B and 10 3B would set new high water marks at Riverside Stadium (quite appropriate considering the Susquehanna River has set several high water marks here as well). Future Padres Archi Cianfrocco had a good season hitting .316 with 21 2B, 10 3B (tying Matt Stairs) and 9 HR along with 11 SB in 14 attempts. Stairs and Cianfrocco would lead the 1st place Senators through the playoffs where they would again face Canton-Akron in the 1st round… this time being led by Jim Thome (5 HR, .337) and Carlos Martinez (11 HR, .329) instead of Albert Belle. Despite the future superstars making some noise, they would go down rather easily, 3 games to 1. That brought the Senators to the finals… and possible retribution against the A/C Yankees. Led by J.T. Snow (33 2B, 13 HR, .279) and Russ Davis (9 HR, .218), Harrisburg tried to exact revenge and came up… completely empty. They were swept in 3 games for their 2nd title loss to the Yankees' Albany franchise. 233,000 came to see the new Expos based team in 1991.