On the very scenic City Island in the middle of the Susquehanna River, once stood Island Park… a small wooden grandstand which was home to almost all professional baseball and Negro League baseball in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. In 1952, the last professional games were played at Island Park and then it was gone forever. It wasn’t until 35 years later that a new ballpark was built in the exact place that Island Park once stood… Riverside Stadium. It brought Double-A Eastern League baseball back to Harrisburg in a facility that didn’t quite capture the aura of the former wooden Island Park. In fact… it fell so far short that this ballpark would soon be known as one of the 5 worst ballparks in pro ball. Despite that fact, it lasted from 1987 until 2009… 22 very long years as an eyesore to beautiful City Island. The aluminum grandstand looked like something born of shelving from Home Depot. Luckily it was finally demolished in 2009 and a real and exciting new ballpark rose from its ashes.