Donovan Field

New Haven CT

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New Haven Bulldogs

All photographs in this series appear courtesy of
Chris Hunter of the
Schenectady Museum and
Science Center

from the G.E. Collection of Historic Photographs

(special thanks to Stephen L.J. Russo)
Future Washington Senators’ Elmer Bowman was an excellent player in 1925 hitting .319 in limited plate appearances, having spent most of the season in Birmingham where he hit .290. In 1926, Bowman would get comfortable in New Haven and make Donovan Field his personal playpen. Bowman would take over the lead in doubles, homers and batting average at Donovan Field by blasting 41 2Bs, 8 3Bs and 15 HRs while batting a whopping .377. Backing Bowman up was Burney Griffin who may not have had the power that Bowman had, but he certainly had some serious legs hitting 27 2Bs and a monster 22 3Bs while batting .335. Future St. Louis Browns’ Beauty McGowan also provided some serious heroics batting .343 while hitting 24 2Bs, 11 3Bs and a 2nd place 8 HRs. Johnny Moore would return to hit .323 with 18 2Bs and 13 3Bs. These may have been the players who were getting all the press, but it was the young 19 year old whom the Pittsburgh Pirates were sending to New Haven for a year of baseball schooling, who would become the most well known player in New Haven history.