Photographs courtesy of Chris Hunter of the Schenectady Museum and Science Center
from the G.E. Collection of Historic Photographs
(special thanks to Stephen L.J. Russo)

The 1925 New Haven Profs would feature a few decent hitters. Theodore Houk led the Profs in extra-base hits with 34 2Bs and 7 3Bs while batting .281. Future Washington Senators Sam Mayer (15 2Bs, 12 3Bs, 5 HRs, .284) meanwhile led in triples and Homers. Johnny Moore's 13 2Bs, 9 3Bs, .267 wasn’t as impressive in the lineup but he would have some tremendous success in the majors becoming an everyday outfielder for the Cubs and Phillies. Eugene Martin (18 2Bs, 7 3Bs .284) led the team in hitting. The starting rotation was quite unbalanced with Davies (19-10, 2.82), future NY Giants’ Bill Morrell (17-15, 3.54), future Phillies’ Chet Nichols (15-20, 2.93) and William McKenty (15-11, 3.28) doing their best to keep ERA’s down with little to show for it except for Davies. Nichols is one of the few pitchers in professional baseball with an ERA under 3.00 and 20 losses. The 1925 N.H. Profs finished the season in 4th place with an 81-73 record.