Same angle of Stade Amedée-Roy III as it appears today
The Border League meant a drop from Class B to Class C. The Border League featured quite a few teams from NY with Auburn, Ogdensburg and Watertown joining the league as well as Kingston Ontario... thus making up the "border". The new team to take the field was called the "Sherbrooke Canadians" and they weren't any better than the team that preceded them, finishing 6th with a 46-71 record. The Canadians drew a league worst 25,500 thanks to a team with absolutely no power (George Proechel led with 4 HR). Augusto Zande was the only decent player posting a 17-10, 3.58 on the mound. With that the Canadians were gone after yet again, only one season. After going dark for another year however... Sherbrooke was back again in their original league, now newly dubbed simply... the "Provincial League" The new P.L. would run independently as they restarted their new system, so there would be no Minor League affiliations but that would soon change. The new Sherbrooke Athlétiques featured Claro Duany who would be the league's superstar hitting 27 HR with a .365 batting average giving this team their first ever double-digit HR hitter. Roland Gladu (28 2B, 11 HR, .368) also showed off a fine bat. Sherbrooke finished in 1st place with a 61-37 record, finally taking home their first ever title to Stade Amedée-Roy.