Marsh Field was built in 1915 and was demolished in 1957. Throughout its lifecycle, this ballpark played host to many professional baseball leagues, including the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (as showcased in movie "A League Of Their Own"). Marsh Field's first tenant was the Muskegon Reds who played for the Class D Central League from 1916-1917. The Central League took a short time off, but came back in two years later. Muskegon was back as well with the Muskegon Mariners from 1920-1922. The Central League would again disappear after 3 seasons, but Muskegon was able to hop over to the new Michigan-Ontario League for 1923-1924. The Central League made a 3rd appearance in 1926, and not surprisingly Muskegon was back as again. The Muskegon Reds were the team to call Marsh Field home this time, but this 3rd version of the Central League would be a short one lasting only the one season. The Central League would make two more short lived appearances without Muskegon, before the Muskegon Reds returned for the 1934 season. Again, the Central League would only last for the 1934 season.