Photo courtesy of Steven L.J. Russo and Chris Hunter and the Schenectady Museum & Science Center's GE Archives
Glovers Park wasn't Gloversville's only foray into professional baseball. This photograph shows the original ballpark known as Parkhurst Field (aka J-A-G Park or Johnstown-Amsterdam-Gloversville Park) based out of Gloversville which also utilized the surrounding town of Johnstown and a 3rd neighboring sister city... Amsterdam. The franchise was dubbed the Amsterdam-Gloversville-Johnstown Jags and would play here from 1902 until 1908 for the Class B New York State League.  Though JAG Park has since been demolished (as has Glover Park), the grounds are still used today with an all new and rather beautiful grandstand for amateur and little league ball. Now the question that probably comes to mind is, why was the previous franchise dubbed "Johnstown-Amsterdam-Gloversville" and why was this franchise simply "Gloversville-Johnstown"? In other words… what happened to Amsterdam and why were they dropped from the team's moniker. The reason was, Amsterdam had since built their own ballpark known as Shuttleworth Park (aka Mohawk Mills Park) and were about to become the Glovers' biggest rival in the Can-Am League.