The Pirates were non-committal to the town of San Bernardino and left after only one Spring Training Season for Tech Field in San Antonio in 1936. Their stay in Texas however was very short lived and the Pirates came back here to Perris Park by the following year. By 1937, Perris Hill Park had become the official Spring Training Home of Pittsburgh and the Hall of Fame Waner Brothers would thrive here. Paul would go on to bat .354 while Lloyd would bat .330 after breaking camp in 1937 from San Bernardino. The Pirates continued to win 86 games a season finishing in either 2nd or 3rd place and showing some serious muscle in the National League. Though they didn't win a pennant... they were very competitive throughout the depression. Finally just before the 1940's the team began to go south again in the standings as all of their future Hall of Famers... especially the Waner Brothers, began to age to lose their touch at Forbes Field. Luckily a new catcher was on his way... Tampa's favorite son, Hall of Famer Al Lopez.