When the Orioles announced they were moving back to the East Coast to train at Miami's Bobby Maduro Stadium for the 1959 season, it wouldn't take long for this brand new ballpark to find a suitor. The Boston Red Sox left their long time home in Sarasota… Payne Park, to make Scottsdale Stadium I their spring home for the 1959 season. The Red Sox would spend 7 years here in Scottsdale. It was the end of an era in Boston as Ted Williams would still spend his last few years in a Red Sox uniform training here. By 1961 Ted
Williams was gone. However…  a young 21 year old prospect came to Scottsdale with a tremendous amount of talent. He was still a few years away from being the superstar he would become, but would train here until he could prove he was ready for the big leagues… and a future in the HOF (sound familiar to the Brooks Robinson story?).