After 2 decades of dedicated service, HoHoKam Park I was completely gutted and renovated into the stadium you see here. I don't think that we could call this the same stadium after those renovations and that is why the name changed from "HoHoKam Park" to "HoHoKam Stadium". The HoHoKams are an American Indian based organization but their lineage includes many local businessmen and politicians and residents of Mesa as well, who all came together to build a
  ballpark… (3 actually with HoHoKam Park and Rendezvous Park) and bring Major League Baseball to this beautiful Arizona city. Dwight W. Patterson is credited with the one to come up with the original idea. Today the HoHoKams take care of everything for you at the ballpark (except for food concessions). They take sell your tickets, greet you at the door, sell the programs and seat you in the grandstand. Unfortunately, despite the long history between the Cubs and the HoHoKams, dating back from 1952 to 1965 and again from 1979 until today, the relationship between the two has always been a bit… tumultuous. Sadly the Cubs will break away from HoHoKam Stadium as soon as 2014 with a new ballpark being built in Mesa.