What exists as Hi Corbett Field today has been modernized to the point that in many ways, it has lost most of its initial character that made this ballpark such an amazing facility. This latest renovation replaced all the multi-colored seating with these dark green, nearly colorless seats. Very sleek, very modern and void of any ambiance and character. The reason for the renovations was done to bring the ballpark up to the latest code with the anticipation that it could perhaps... serve
  Major League Spring Training for many more decades to come. That however was not meant to be. Major League Baseball would stop utilizing the city of Tucson for Spring Training altogether in 2011 and though this city has 2 Major League ready stadiums, it is doubtful it will ever see the MLB return again. With professional baseball now gone from Tucson in any form, this ballpark has since been taken over by the College World Series winning Arizona State Wildcats.