Hi Corbett Field is one of two former Major League Spring Training baseball stadiums in Tucson Arizona as well as one of the oldest in the state dating back to its original build in 1928. Hi Corbett Field has served proudly as a spring training facility for 2 different teams spanning 60 years including the Indians starting in 1946 (shown above). It has also served 7 different Major League affiliations as a Minor League ballpark at both the Class C and Triple-A levels. When the ballpark debuted in 1928, it was known as Randolph Field before becoming Hi Corbett Field and in its 90 years of service, it has gone through many significant renovations.  In fact, though it is listed as being built in 1928, you will see through many older photographs (like the one above) that it is very far removed from the ballpark originally known as Randolph Field.