Eventually the Giants' rival Dodgers would build Holman Stadium on that WWII Naval Airforce Base and slowly it evolved from a military facility into the Dodgertown that they would play in for the next 60 years. Giants owner Horace Stoneham watched the evolution of this army base into a massive training camp with every possible bell and whistle for the Dodgers players... a true "Dodger-Town". Stoneham loved everything about the "idea" of a full on baseball camp with absolutely everything you can imagine on site and to be honest... he was probably a bit jealous.
  The Dodgers were after all his arch-rival and seeing this stunning complex of Dodgers and nothing but Dodgers, probably got under his skin. After all, the Giants were playing at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, which was a fine ballpark... but it wasn't a baseball "paradise". Stoneham had seen enough and he would build his very own Spring Training utopia and... he would up the ante.