The GCL was gone for good but Port Arthur was still one of the top teams at the gate and quickly hooked on with the Evangeline League. Again the Sea Hawks would play as a co-op team and they were an excellent team right from the start thanks to the incredible Tex Sanner who blew away every record for power at this ballpark with an incredible 40 2B, 37 HR and league leading 141 RBI performance. On the mound, the talent was just as amazing as Rene Vega (23-11, 3.65, league leading 207 Ks) would have set the team's all time mark had he not been overshadowed by Fidel Alvarez (24-10, 3.98). Their terrific run would be knocked off course by the Crowley Millers who beat them out in the 1st round, but Port Arthur held steady at the gate with 46,000. With that… the Sea Hawks were gone again… moving for the 2nd straight year to their 3rd organization… the Class B Big State League. After making the playoffs in 1955 behind a rebounding 71,000 through the gate., the Sea Hawks would suddenly decide to do something radical. They would change their names to the "Port Arthur Chieftans". With a new name, "Sea Hawks Stadium" didn't sound quite so appropriate so the ballpark was renamed "Stroud Park". The new Chieftains would feature some great hitting behind former Chicago Cubs' Jim Kirby (25 2B, 17 HR, .373 in 1955 / 34 2B, 11 HR, .358 in 1956) and former St. Louis Browns' Johnny Lucadello (36 2B, 9 HR, .350) as well as some fantastic pitching in 1956 behind the former HR King of this stadium Tex Sanner now at age 35, trying his hand at pitching (14-5, 2.55) and doing nearly as well at that position. Leverette Spencer's league leading 21-9 and league leading 2.37 joined with Tex to shoot this new Chieftans franchise to a 78-62 record. In the playoffs, these Port Arthur found themselves head to head with Waco who had had made the finals 3 years in a row (with a championship trophy).