The Hubbers would need to enjoy that victory for a long time to come. Their short term PDC with the Detroit Tigers had run out and it would not be renewed. They would spend the rest of their existence in the West Texas - New Mexico League as a co-op franchise (which most teams were during this time). With the Tigers now gone, the Hubbers slipped a little in the standings to 3rd place… and they slipped at the gate as well to 102,000 fans, still 2nd in the league. While Serena was promoted and on his way to the Majors, there was still plenty of power in the lineup and returning Virgil Richardson had as good of a season as anyone in the league in 1948 slamming 48 2B, 38 HR and batting a whopping .397. Parr Fowler (26 2B, 27 HR, .297), Don Moore (26 2B, 22 HR, .353), a returning Jackie Sullivan (44 2B, 14 3B, 25 HR, .381) along with Harold Walker (29 2B, 14 HR, .366), Charles Scarborough (30 2B, 18 HR, .339), Gene Hixson (23 2B, 12 HR, .298) and Frank McAlexander (19 2B, 15 3B, 11 HR, .320) proved that this lineup was as fearsome as ever even without Serena. On the mound, Royce Mills returned to go 16-3, despite a 5.15 ERA. That just showed how good of a lineup this was. ERA's blossomed into the 6's and 8's and even 11.35 with Frank Cabo (2-6). The problem was, you need hitting over the course of a full season but if you want to go far in the playoffs, you need pitching as well… and Lubbock didn't have any. Amarillo exacted revenge winning 4 games to 2 and going on to win the Championship in 1948 and by 1949, the Hubbers had sunk in the standings to 5th place behind a .500 winning percentage as their attendance slumped as well to under 100k. Lubbock however brought back fan favorite, slugger Mike Dooley who hit 37 2B, 28 HR and batted .307 in his return. Nelson Davis took over in the cleanup role with 37 2B, 31 HR and a .311 and James Prince was the best overall hitter at .368 with 35 2B and 23 HR. Harold Walker was an amazing hitter batting .407 but he only got to play in 54 games but the pitching was miserable and the playoffs would elude the 1949 Hubbers.