Lubbock would have to regroup and regroup they did. 1947 would go down as the best team in franchise history. A league leading 117,600 people came to the new ballpark to watch the superstars of Lubbock and it would be Leonard Heinz (20-6, 4.69) … the fan's old favorite from the White Sox days who would lead them to victory. Joining Heinz in the rotation was Girard Ahrens (13-4, 5.59), future Red Sox' Paul Hinrichs (18-5, 3.34), future Pirates' Bill Macdonald (12-9, 4.96), Royce Mills (13-6, 3.96) and Fay Rosson (19-11, 4.14). While those numbers may sound great… it was not the pitching but the hitting that brought 117,000 people to the ballpark… and it was to see one man in particular. His name was Bill Serena and he was all of 22 years old. He came to Lubbock on his way to a 6 year career as the regular 3rd baseman for the Chicago Cubs. His one season in Lubbock however, is still talked about today. Up until this point, Malcolm Stevens had hit the most homers in Lubbock history, blasting 31 in 1938. Serena would obliterate that mark slamming a new Lubbock record 57 HR with 43 2B, 9 3B, an incredible 190 RBI and a .374 batting average. Serena wasn't on his own either… he had plenty of protection around him with Virgil Richardson (31 2B, 29 HR, .337), former Detroit Tigers' Jackie Sullivan (36 2B, 18 3B, 20 HR, .355), Clem Cola (19 2B, 24 HR, .326), Jack Cerin (24 2B, 18 HR, .297), Frank Alexander (22 2B, 10 HR, .329), Mike Dooley (33 2B, 19 HR, .316) and Zeke Wilemon (32 2B, 13 HR, .339). All 8 regulars in the lineup had over 10 HR… 4 of the 8 had more than 20. With this massive lineup, Lubbock shot its way to 1st place with a 99-41 (.404) record. When Lamesa came in, Lubbock rolled right over them sweeping the series. That brought Lubbock's all time rival, the Amarillio Gold Sox to town. Amarillo put up more of a fight because they didn't want to lose to Lubbock but there was no getting around a 57 HR, 190 RBI, .374 batting average of Bill Serena and Amarillo lost the series 4 games to 2. The Hubbers had just won their 1st Championship Trophy for at the new stadium and their 4th overall.