Alright... we've heard some numbers & now
David P. Kronheim of will really put this all into perspective. In 2014 ... (one of the Somerset Patriots' below average seasons in attendance)... the Patriots outdrew:
24 of the 30 Full Season Affiliated Single-A teams;
All 30 of the 30 Advanced Affiliated Single-A teams;
20 of the 30 Affiliated Double-A teams;
and even 5 of the 30 Affiliated Triple-A teams.
The Patriots drew 5 times the full season attendance of 9 different Affiliated Minor League teams in 2014!
The Somerset Patriots have 3 times now, drawn over 22,000 in a 3 game weekend home series. There are a few independent minor league teams which didn't draw that much over the course of a full season.
Impressed yet?