The ballpark was built by the SSP Architectural Group and Clark Caton & Hintz. For SSP... it was their first and only foray thus far into the realm of professional sports. SSP has for years served (and continue to serve) this area with the building of Middle Schools, High Schools and Universities as well as public works buildings, court houses and several local area restaurants. Clark Caton and Hintz however are ballpark professionals and have designed some of the nicest ballparks in the region. Clark Caton and Hintz already have a Digitalballparks
"Ballpark of the Year" Award under their belt for the stunning Atlantic League's "Campbell's Field" in Camden New Jersey .  They started their ballpark architecture history at the Yankees' Double-A facility "Mercer County Stadium" in Trenton which has a similar design to this one. CCH's has been contracted to build the next ballpark for the Atlantic League with a new stadium possible in Ashburn Virginia.