TD Bank Ballpark (like many of the Atlantic League's stadiums)... is roughly at the Double-A level in size and quality... which may sound impressive at the moment... but when you begin to delve into the actual numbers, the attendance and support for this independent team is really quite staggering. TD Bank Ballpark seats 6,100 fans but can allow for up to 2,400 extra standing room tickets, which it has very often needed. This ballpark has always been very well attended drawing over 5,000 fans per game for every year that this stadium has been open (now over 15 years) and over . Trust us when we say, that very few "independent minor league" or "Affiliated Minor League"  teams in this world can boast this. In fact, in terms of "average per game" attendance... TD Bank Ballpark is usually ranked between 3rd and 5th in the world in independent minor league baseball.