The pitching combined with Rob Teegarden's 14 HR and .330 avg, helped the Yankees achieve a unfathomable 52-13 record for an .800 winning pct., which may go down in history as one of the best ever for pro baseball. A respectable 21,000 showed up to cheer on the team that almost never lost. The would go on to easily win the 1979 Appy League title. 1980 would prove to be a disappointment as the team actually lost a few games. The team "only" went 42-24 for an outrageous .657 winning pct., winning their second straight Appy League Championship behind Ed Olwine (5-2, 2.57) and Erik Peterson (.379, 13 HR). As if to prove that this wasn't a hoax, the team went 42-24 yet again in 1981 for back to back .657 years.