Photographs courtesy of the Paul Hamaker Collection
Sicks Stadium would be much maligned over the years because of how horribly it failed as a Major League Stadium. As a Triple-A ballpark however, it was rather magnificentů serving for nearly 30 years along with the other classic great PCL stadiums such as Vancouver's
Capilano Stadium ... Canada's quaint but classic park which still serves as a Single-A home today; Hollywood's famed Gllmore Field which nightly showcased the stars of the screen as much as it showcased its own ballclub; San Francisco's Seals Stadium... an open air ballpark with a grand art deco entryway, which would eventually become home to the San Francisco Giants upon their move to the West Coast; Portland's Vaughn Street Park which was the true home of Portland's Pacific Coast League team.. (as they did not move to Multinomah Civic Stadium (PGE Park) until many years after that ballpark was built);  Salt Lake City's Derks Field, which was a simple and unadorned ballpark without any roof structure but was beloved by Salt Lake's baseball fans for many years; San Diego's Lane Field which every PCL player in the league looked forward to playing in with perfect weather and Westgate Park which followed it; the Oakland's Oaks Ballpark which quietly was one of the most stunning of all the PCL stadiums and finally... Los Angeles' Wrigley Field II... a clone of the home of the Chicago Cubs which like Sicks Stadium, served brilliantly as a Triple-A ballpark and very poorly as a Major League home.