Photograph Courtesy
Rare Sports Films

Vintage Blues Stadium

Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Blues

Kansas City Monarchs
The Blues would have to enjoy it while it lasted because they would lose 96 games the following season. They would slowly rebound, finishing in 5th place the following two seasons before becoming a 2nd place team in 1927 with an excellent 99-69 record. Notable performances during this time were Bevo LeBourveau in 1925, batting .361 with 19 doubles and 19 triples; Tom Sheehan's 26-13 (3.62) performance in 1927, Jimmy Zinn's 24-12 (3.08) performance in 1927 and Joe Hauser who hit 49 2Bs, 22 3Bs and 20 HRs while batting .353. Hauser would go on to play for the Baltimore Orioles (then Triple-A) and land the all-time record for most homers in a season by a professional baseball player, when he hit 63 in 1930. He then broke his own record when he hit 69 for the Minneapolis Millers in 1933. Since it was not for Major League Baseball, Hauser never became famous for his incredible Triple-A exploits. The Blues weren't the only game in town however... or even at this stadium. Blues Stadium was a shared ballpark, with the Blues playing 1/2 the season here and during road games... this ballpark hosted the Kansas City Monarchs... one of the most legendary Negro League teams in history.