The Monarchs were founded in 1920 from a team of elite barnstorming black players who were serving in the U.S. Army... primarily as ballplayers! Known as the "Infantry Wreckers", this group of incredibly talented players were looking for a place to call home after WWI was officially over. They would land here at Blues Stadium as J.L. Wilkinson took the best of the team and combined them with his All-Nations barnstorming team. The Monarchs took the field at Association Park in 1920 and by 1923 they had already become legendary here at Blues Stadium. The king of the 25th Infantry Wreckers was future Hall of Famer Bullet Rogan, who won 16 games in 1923 helping the Monarchs to their first league title here at the new Blues Stadium.  Bullet would go on to win 18 in 1924 helping the Monarchs to repeat for a 2nd straight title and an entry into the first Negro League World Series where they would take on and beat Hinsdale PA in 10 games. Bullet followed that up with a fantastic 17-2 season in 1925 as the Monarchs made it to the playoffs for the 3rd straight year but a 2nd Negro League World Series title eluded them. Bullet followed that up with a 16-5 season in 1926. This stretch kept the Monarchs as the most feared team in the Negro Leagues even above the Chicago American Giants. As Bullet got older, the Monarchs began to rely more on future Hall of Famer Andy "Lefty" Cooper. Cooper was one of the most well respected pitchers in the Negro Leagues and came to the Monarchs in 1929. His best season came for the Monarchs in 1936 when he went 27-6. Cooper's presence on the 1929 team turned the Monarchs into a playoff contender for the 4th time since 1923. *Wikipedia