Photograph courtesy of Rare Sports Films
The first team to call this home was the Kansas City Blues of 1923. The Blues were part of the ultra-exclusive 8 member Class A (Triple-A) "American Association". This period of the A.A. would go down as the most stable league in the history of professional baseball. The 8 teams that had began the league in 1903 (Columbus, Toledo, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Louisville and Kansas City), were the same exact 8 teams that made up the league in 1953. Except for a 2 year span when Toledo temporarily moved to Cleveland, this core of 8 teams would remain unchanged... no new members, no new cities, no subtractions and no moves... for 50 years! Imagine if you would with all of the changes constantly taking place in the Minor League world (and it was even moreso during these early years), the Triple-A International League for example keeping the current exact roster of cities and teams that it has now... not adding or subtracting or moving again continuously until 2060. Kansas City was part this tight 8 city core. Thus 1923 Blues franchise were led by Bunny Brief. The man with the funny name had one hot bat hitting 47 2Bs, 15 3Bs, 29 HRs and a .359 batting avg. Manager Wilbur Good also batted .350 with 40 2Bs and 15 3B and Dud Branom batted .348. This potent linup, teamed up with Jimmy Zinn (27-6) on the mound, was one exceptional ballclub. Together this team in its very first season here at Blues Stadium would put up the best record of any team that would ever play at this stadium for the rest of its 50 year history. The 1923 Blues went 112-54 easily taking 1st place and winning the American Association championship; an excellent way to start the ballpark's history. The Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs meanwhile would join them in their excellence, by winning their division as well and taking their title. More on the Negro League's K.C. Monarch's in a moment.