Photograph courtesy of Rare Sports Films
In 1923, the Kansas City Blues would get a brand new ballpark to replace Association Park... a worn out ballpark built in 1903 for the American Association. The new facility would become the home not only to the Kansas City Blues, but to two Major League Franchises... the Kansas City A's and the Kansas City Royals who would both utilize this ballpark... the Athletics for their entire history in Kansas City before moving on to Oakland, and the Royals for the first 4 years of their existance until the completion of Kauffman Stadium. As if that didn't make this one of the most utilized parks in history, keep in mind that the Kansas City Monarchs simultaneously shared this ballpark throughout most of their history as well. Buck O'Neill would become one of the most well known Negro League players in history because of his tenure here. Now factor in that the NFL utilized this ballpark as a 3rd tenant. Throughout this enormous history, the ballpark went by 4 different names... Blues Stadium, Muehlebach Stadium, Ruppert Stadium and Kansas City Municipal Stadium (once the stadium was double decked for the Athletics).