Baltimore's Orioles would have to continue on as a Minor League franchise, yet again. To make matters worse… their beloved ballpark (Terrapin Park - Oriole Park V) burned to the ground in 1944 leaving the team homeless. With nowhere else to play, they would have to move into the Baltimore Municipal football stadium for a period of 6 long years while politics and the war played out. In many ways, this would turn out to be a blessing for this team as their amazing attendance at the 65,000 seat football arena, showcased the Orioles' ability to support a Major League sized fanbase. Finally in 1950, Baltimore Municipal Stadium was torn down around them and Memorial Stadium was created using the same baseball field fingerprint… despite the fact that Baltimore had no commitment from Major League Baseball to place a team there. All of this was going on while the Baltimore Orioles were trying to play Triple-A International League baseball amidst all the chaos.