Kauffman Stadium
(Royals Stadium)

Home of the
Kansas City Royals
Looking like something from the Bellagio casino (or more likely, Kauffman Stadium inspired the casino) Kauffman Stadium would be the first ballpark to feature huge fountains in centerfield to capture the attention of the fans in between innings and bring a sense of celebration after a Kansas City Royal hits a home run. When the stadium first opened it featured only the central fountain in centerfield, but huge renovations (which we'll get to very soon) inspired fountains to surround the outfield. As for Chuck Finley... Kansas City certainly had the last laugh. Charles Finley is often thought of as a highly respected (though somewhat eccentric... or even bizarre) individual in the game of baseball. His "business move", to take the Athletics to Oakland and thus... "screwing over" Kansas City, would backfire on him so badly that it could be considered perhaps the worst business decision in the history of professional baseball. How big of an impact was this ballpark for Kansas City? Let's look at the numbers... From 1958 until Royals Stadium opened in 1973, Kansas City failed to ever break the 1,000,000 mark, settling often into the low 700,000 range. Royals Stadium... soon to be Kauffman Stadium meanwhile... has NEVER drawn under a million fans in its entire history. Chuck Finley who decided not to wait for the new ballpark to be completed meanwhile and moved his Athletics to Oakland despite signing a new contract to keep his team here, drew 800,000 in his first season at Oakland Almadea Coliseum and only broke the one million mark twice in his first 13 years in Oakland... by a hair! In fact the Kansas City Royals outdrew the Oakland A's every season for almost two decades, finally losing ground to the team in 1982. Kansas City didn't just have the last laugh... they were in downright hysterics, when in 1978 the Kansas City Royals broke the two million mark for the first time bringing 2,255,000 fans through the gate at Kauffman Stadium while the Oakland Athletics drew 526,000 total for the entire season... almost 5 times as much. Kansas City would break that record the following season drawing 2.26 million to the stadium Oakland 8 times to one, as the A's drew a paltry 300,000... beaten by not only every team in the Major Leagues, but by Triple-A Columbus as well!